A DEX like no other

Dexive is a decentralized digital exchange (DEX) fundamentally different from other decentralized exchanges on the market.

An ecosystem that provides all the tools necessary to make the right trading decisions at the right time: advance order types, technical alerts, cross-exchange trading, trade on chart, etc.
A one window solution for day-to-day trading, that allows users to share and check the research on the go, with social features like asset details, news portal, discussion forum and microblog.

An integral solution for effective trading

The optimal solution to trade cryptocurrencies is an ecosystem which offers all the necessary tools to traders, providing easy and advanced trading features. Moreover, the solution must also be able to help new traders and users to learn and research about cryptocurrencies for improved decision making. The truth is that those who begin trading, in general, are at risk of taking decisions based on emotions or crowd following. In order to help new users to understand better the dynamics of trading, an adequate user interface is crucial.


In contrast with centralized (custodial) digital exchanges, where users have no real control over their digital assets, Dexive is based on a decentralized (non-custodial) structure (DEX). This means that transactions are truly performed on a peer-to-peer basis; and funds are kept by the user, not the exchange.


Dexive provides very advanced trading tools to its users; tools they can’t find in any other DEX digital exchange. These include advance order types and price alerts based on technical indicators, which are extremely useful because the crypto market is volatile and open round the clock.


Because Dexive is a non-custodial, decentralized exchange, it is practically immune to the big hacks that have plagued other exchanges in the last few years. Malicious agents would need to hack each peer individually, because Dexive has no custody of its users’ funds.


Dexive will provide users with access to liquidity from different exchanges in a single place. Users will then choose an exchange to buy or sell an asset. As the price of an asset across exchanges can be significantly different, with this feature, traders can use this difference to their advantage.


Dexive is an interactive ecosystem space where all kind of traders will thrive. This includes microblogs, asset news, and a discussion forum for each type of asset, where users can discuss various aspects of an asset, in order for them to make better and more informed trading decisions.

A modular serverless architecture

Dexive’s system features a serverless architecture, which enhances both security and scalability. Work is divided into multiple services connected with distributed cache and pub/sub event stream for scalability and fault tolerance. Hot data is stored in distributed cache and cold data is in database with real time sync enabled. Both relational and non-relational databases are used for structured and unstructured data.

Also, Dexive uses a layered security model where common security services will be available across the board; while multiple private networks with local service and data will ensure data and infrastructure isolation and access restriction.

Supported blockchains

Dexive will initially support Ethereum and NEO. Dexive will be rapidly working on the integration of further blockchains in the future.






Advanced features for traders

  • Advance order types
  • Cross exchange trading
  • Fiat gateway
  • Alerts based on technical indicators
  • Multiple blockchains

Strong community for everyone

  • Tools necessary to make informed decisions
  • Contributors’ reward
  • Strong presence in web searches
  • Easy sharing to social media platforms

Token economics

The Dexive token (symbol: DXV) is an Ethereum-based, native token created to support the functions of the Dexive exchange platform. Dexive tokens will be the fuel that drive the Dexive ecosystem. Their use will be to function as a means of payment for transactions performed in the network and the payment of transactions fees, as well as the delivery of rewards for contributions to the platform made by users.

Name Dexive token
Tech standard ERC-20
Symbol DXV
Standard price USD 0.01
Total supply 600 million
IEO sale 334 million
Soft-cap USD 400.000
Hard-cap USD 3.000.000

Token distribution

  • IEO Sale
  • Founding Team
  • Contributors Rewards
  • Advisors & Partners
  • Reserve

Use of funds

  • Platform development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Legal & Compliance

The roadmap

Q4 2018

  • Idea conceptualization
  • Mobile UI mockup
  • Web UI mockup
  • Architecture and technical design
    • High level logical architecture
    • High level API design

Q1 2019

Blockchain wallet


  • ETH
  • NEO

Server-side layer design

  • Data source layer
  • Domain Model
  • Service Layer

Client-side API layer design

  • ETH API consumer model
  • NEO API consumer model


UI / UX design started

  • Mobile
    • Front-end data model design
    • Front-end view design
    • Front-end controller design
  • Web
    • Front-end data model design
    • Front-end view design
    • Front-end controller design

Q2 2019

  • Platform Development Started
    • Server-side components development 
    • Messaging layer design
    • Messaging data model
    • API Gateway design
  • Mobile app development started
    • Application framework and client-side library development
    • Test framework 
    • Build and deployment processes
  • Order matching engine development started
    • OME algorithm selection 
    • OME component design
    • OME IPC design
    • OME Integration endpoint design
    • OME message bus and message format design

Q3 2019

  • Dexive IEO Website launch
    • Contents and graphics design
    • Custom code development
  • Alerts engine development started
    • Server-side components development 
    • Messaging layer design
    • Messaging data model
    • API Gateway design
  • Token smart contract created
  • Campaign launch
    • Initial investor meetings
    • Social media partner discussion 

Q4 2019

  • Development of News / Micro blog and Alerts
    • Server-side components development 
    • Messaging layer design
    • Messaging data model
    • API Gateway design
  • Whitepaper launched
  • ETH
    • ETH smart contract development
    • ETH smart contract testing
  • NEO
    • NEO integration design
    • NEO smart contract development
    • NEO smart contract testing

Q1 2020

  • Token sale started
  • Testing of trading platform
    • Regression test cases development 
    • Test automation development

Blockchain integration

  • EOS
    • EOS integration design
    • EOS smart contract development
    • EOS smart contract testing
  • Zilliqa
    • Zilliqa integration design
    • Zilliqa smart contract development
    • Zilliqa smart contract testing

Q2 2020

  • Release 1 of trading platform
    • News
    • Alerts
    • Discussion forum
    • Asset information 
    • Micro blogs
  • FIAT gateway
  • Dexive APIs
  • Partnerships

Q3 2020

  • Advance order types
  • Advance alerts 
  • Cross exchange trading
  • User trade dashboard
  • Trade on chart
  • Alerts on chart
  • In-app integration with DeFi


Most commonly known digital exchanges are custodial/centralized. That means that the users’ funds are held by the exchange itself, not by the users.
In contrast, in a DEX, the exchange does not hold users’ funds. Each user has control of his/her digital asset and can transact directly with other users ona peer-to-peer (P2P) basis.

Currently, Dexive is compatible with Ethereum and NEO. In the near future, our ecosystem will also operate with Zilliqa and EOS. 

Take any DEX in the market which integrates multiple blockchains. Add to it cross exchange trading, technical alerts, advance order types and a full featured mobile app. Then attach asset market details, discussion forum, microblogs and a news portal. This is Dexive

Dexive provides its users with tools that allow them to be constantly informed about the markets, and share knowledge with each other in an interactive way. It also offers advanced order types, like stop, trailing, fill/kill, ladder, etc.

Yes. Contributors will be rewarded based on the level and significance of their activity on the platform. The system will perform a quality check on contributions, before shortlisting users for the reward. The reward will be in the form of DXV tokens.

It works in both kind of systems. In particular, it has a dedicated application available for mobile users offering all the features as on the website, with the same intuitive user experience. The full-featured mobile platform equips users to trade with their mobile devices, through user-friendly and advanced trading features

Users will find both real-time information, and insightful knowledge about digital assets. With price alerts, users will know instantly when an asset reaches certain levels of volatility. And with microblogs, discussion forums and asset news, they will have access to useful knowledge on specific assets.

Dexive  tokens (PLA) will be based on Ethereum ERC-20, which is the most common standard for utility tokens. DXVs can be received and transferred from/to any ETH compatible wallet.

The private pre-Sale was begun in the November 2019, while the IEO public sale will take place in February 2020 and last until March.

There are no restrictions for purchasing DXV tokens in the IEO public sale., although KYC/AML procedures will be in place. Based on specific regulations,, the developing team might exclude residents from some countries  before the IEO public sale starts.

DXV tokens’ basic function will be to serve as a mean of payment inside the Dexive platform, and also as a way of creating incentives for contributors. Fees for transactions will be paid in DXV, as well as rewards for users that make significant contributions for the enhancement and performance of the platform.

DXV tokens are a clear case of a utility token. In no way they could be considered as securities, because they will serve only as an internal mean of payment in the Dexive ecosystem, and shall not grant any dividend or voting rights to its holders.


Furrukh Baig

Chief Executive Officer

Over 20-year experience in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data mining, and Information security. Worked at various enterprises such as AOL, Virgin Media, Cable & Wireless and Willis Tower Watson as providing business intelligence solutions adding business value and providing decision-making capabilities to the business. A great believer in automation and have enabled businesses to automating various business Intelligence processes.

Aleem Sheikh

Chief Operating Officer

Aleem is a passionate software development professional with a Master's degree in computer science and 18 years of experience working in the industry across USA, Asia and Europe. He is now based in London working as a freelance software consultant for the last 12 years. He is also a proficient stock market and crypto trader. He started trading stocks 10 years ago and later added crypto to his portfolio. He has a deep understanding of the markets and trader communities.

Faraz Syed

Chief Technology Officer

An award-winning silicon valley veteran with 20 years of technology experience. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a Master of Science in Computer Engineering. A former HP, HPE and TIBCO technologist, who architected, developed, and supported complex enterprise systems, custom solutions, SaaS, and integration frameworks. His recent accomplishment includes a self-service data integration platform with real-time and batched data distribution using multiple protocols and data formats. This already saved millions of dollars across enterprise and adoption continues to grow. Faraz brings immense technical knowledge, experience, and problem-solving technique into the team and continues to grow as a leader.

Oliver Bell


A serial entrepreneur with experience in starting & running a bunch of successful start ups from the first online Digital currency store for video games to the most recent, XCADEMY which is an E-learning platform for Youtubers which a valuation just over £5m.
Also an early investor in Crypto in 2014 grown a big following of 30k active Crypto investors on his twitter, experience in consulting a number of Blockchain projects with fundraising, exchanges & marketing. Currently an Advisor at Bolt Global.

Marcus Duntoye

Financial Adviser

Marcus Duntoye is a qualified chartered accountant, ERP consultant and tax consultant with over 25 years of hands-on experience and he is passionate about his financial career where he has acquired specialist expertise in business and, in local and country-by-country taxations which he often brings to bear in his capacity as a business and tax advisor.
Marcus holds a Masters’ degree in Business systems and E-Commerce from the Middlesex University; and a certificate of repute in International law on BEPS and Transfer Pricing from the University of Leiden, Netherland and has a wealth of experience in the designing of tax engines in SAP FICO ERP systems from the SAP Centre of Excellence of the Philip International in Eindhoven, Netherland.